Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wainani at Poipu

Wainani Update

For the rest of you who didn’t get a personal phone call or email from me, Wainani’s Sales Team has closed their doors! Several calls to the Sales Center have gone unanswered, only a “Temporarily Closed” note hangs on their sales office door!

My prior posted Wainani update talked about the "Summer Stimulus" prices. Apparently these prices were too good to be true. The prices were so low, they pulled the plug on themselves! What’s to become of this, you ask?

Be patient my friends. I still believe that Wainani has great property value in Poipu. It’s not IF, but WHEN these home sites come back on the market. And when they do, you’ll want to know about it.

If you recall, after I worked for Kukui'ula for a year, I was asked to join the Maryl Realty team at Wainani. I spent six months as the Lead Kauai Salesperson for Wainani before the economy started heading south. Now I'm back at Makai Properties, and thankful for the "lessons" and "valuable information" obtained during my short but intense time with Kukui'ula and Wainani.

Wainani will be back...and hopefully packaged right for this market!! Stay tuned......