Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kukui'ula - New Poipu development

Kukui`ula - Kauai's Living Garden

As Kauai's real estate market starts its long, drawn out upward swing, you may be inclined to tour this beautiful, well-planned Developer product. And when you do, I encourage you to give me a call before you head on down to Kukui’ula.  Over a cup of coffee or lunch,  I’d be happy to assist you from a buyer’s point of view.  As a former Sales Exec at Kukui`ula, there may be some essential information that I can share with you  about Kukui’ula.  Equally as important, I'll be able to share intimate information about Kauai and the "lifestyle" that you plan to immerse yourself and your family into.

Pictured above is the photo Lynn and I took on the first fairway at Kukui`ula.  Can't wait to swing  my golf clubs on this new course.