Friday, May 6, 2011

Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution (MFDR) Program

If you are in a "distressed" situation regarding your home in Hawaii,  you should check out the new Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Program.  It's not available for everyone, but it might be able to you.
Some are saying that Governor Abercrombie has signed what may be the "toughest foreclosure prevention bill in the nation", as stated in a blog by "Mandelman Matters".  The following link contains the article which explains the cause and provision for this new bill, which  may help many Hawaii families from losing their homes from foreclosure.
A summary of the new bill is contained in the following link:

The new law provides for mandatory mediation in the non-judicial foreclosure process… so, if a homeowner requests mediation, the servicer must participate… “And do so in good faith,” Hawaii Senator Roz Baker is quick to add.