Monday, June 27, 2011

Kaua'i Island Utility Company Solar Water Heater $800 Rebate

KIUC provides an $800 rebate incentive for members who want to replace their existing electric water heater with a solar water heater. The rebate is also available for members who want to replace an existing nonfunctional solar water heater at least 15 years old. New construction qualifies.

1. What Kind Of Water Heater Do I Have?
The solar water heating rebate is available to
KIUC customers that want to replace an
existing electric resistance water heater, or an
existing solar water heater that is
2. Call a Participating Contractor
Participating Energy Wise contractors are
listed on the back of this brochure. To qualify
for a rebate, you must use one of the
participating contractors on the list.
3. Get Bids / Sign Rebate Application
You are not required to get multiple bids for
your solar water heating system. It is
recommended, though, that you speak with
more than one participating contractor to
learn as much as you can about solar water
heating systems. Once you choose a
contractor, have them complete an Incentive
Application Form. The Incentive Application
Form needs to be signed by the legal
property owner, and the landlord/tenant
information needs to be provided. Your
contractor will submit the following to KIUC:
• Rebate Application Form (signed by legal
property owner)
• System Bid (signed by customer)
• Form 1 (Solar System Sizing Form)
• Solar System Schematic (Drawing of
Proposed System)
4. Receive Authorization Letter
KIUC will mail you an Authorization Letter.
The Authorization Letter will contain an
authorization number and an expiration
date. The authorization number will commit
program funds to your solar system for 60
days. If the system has not been installed by
the expiration date, your rebate application
will be cancelled and the funds will be made
available to other participants.
In some instances a rebate application may
not be accepted. You will receive a letter
explaining why your application has been
5. Schedule System Installation With
Your Contractor
Call your contractor and tell them that you
have received your Authorization Letter.
Schedule a date for the system to be
installed. In most cases systems can be
installed in one day.
6. Schedule a Post Installation
You will need to call KIUC at 808.246.8280
when the installation of your system is
completed. A post installation verification
will be scheduled to verify that the installed
system meets program standards and
specifications. An informational handout on
the use and troubleshooting of your solar
systems timer switch will also be given
during this time. In addition, you will be
notified if your system has met the program
specifications. Systems with deficiencies will
need to be corrected by your installing
contractor within 30 days.
Q: “What is the current solar water
heating system rebate levels”
A: Currently, all rebate levels are fixed at
$800 per installed solar system.
Q: “How do I receive my $800 rebate?“
A: “Your contractor will deduct the rebate
from the total cost of the installed system.
The rebate should appear on both your
Contractors Invoice and the Incentive
Application as a reduction to the cost of
the total system including parts, and labor.
Q: “Am I required to get multiple
contractor bids?“
A: You are not required to submit multiple
contractor bids to KIUC. However, you may
want to acquire multiple bids to learn as
much as you can about solar water heaters
and also to shop around for the best price.
Q: “Can I choose a contractor that is not
on the list?”
A: No. Systems installed by non participating
contractors or systems installed without
prior written KIUC authorization do not
qualify for a rebate. All participating
contractors on the list have agreed to
abide by the program standards and have
met the programs licensing and insurance
Q: “Where can I call if I have questions
about the rebate process?“
A: You can call the KIUC Energy Wise office
at either 808.246.8280, 808.246.8275
or 808.246.8287 M-F between
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
All rebates are contingent upon the
availability of program funds. KIUC reserves
the right to adjust or discontinue rebates at
any time without notice.
Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative
Solar Water Heating Rebate Process