Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kauai storm wreaks havoc on the North and East sides of Kauai

The Garden Island of Kauai experienced consistent drenching rains for the last week or so.  So much so that the Governor of Hawaii signed a disaster proclamation for Kauai due to substantial damages to the north and east sides of Kauai.  The many mountain water sources on the northshore and having a single highway as the major connection between the  northshore and the rest of Kauai can mean trouble when storm conditions bring extreme amounts of water down the mountains onto the highway.  Landslides, bridge closures and a collapsed culvert cause many inconveniences to those commuting to or from the northshore.

Poipu experienced heavy rainfall with loud thunder and lightning, but managed to survive any major damages, except for the flooding of the Poipu Beach parking lot.   However, today,  the sun is dominating the skies and it looks like clear skies ahead  for the southshore and westside of Kauai.