Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waimea Town Celebration, February 2013

Waimea Town Celebration February 2013

Waimea town is in full swing this whole week, culminating with a "westside" style party on Friday and Saturday.  Music, food, games, lots of people, more music, more food, more people...constant flow of people.  Traffic will probably be slow getting in and out of Waimea town. So be sure to come with plenty of "aloha".   This will be the "place to be" this weekend.  You'll probably see old friends that you haven't seen for awhile.  And remember, the westside is known for it's red dirt, so  don't use your favorite white slacks, unless you want it to be a "red dirt" slacks.  Slippas, shorts, t-shirts is the dress code for this event. Click on: Waimea Town Celebration February 2013  for schedule of events and detailed information about  the Waimea Town Celebration.