Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Andy Irons....RIP

Wow...what a shock to hear that Andy Irons, 3x World Champion surfer died today. He was an awesome surfer, but mostly what I liked is that every year he and his brother Bruce Irons, hosted a "Pinetree Classic" surfing contest for the groms on the Northshore of Kauai...a free event for the Kauai youth. Not only an awesome surfer, but a generous person.

He was 32 years old, and cause of death is currently unknown, however dengue fever is suspected to be the cause.  Please keep this family is prayer, as his wife is currently due to have a baby very soon.  The Kauai community will surely miss Andy, this awesome surfing legend.   God's blessings of peace and comfort to the Irons family !!